Our First Day School is taught by volunteers from the members and attenders of our meeting under the supervision of our First Day School Committee. If you have been regularly participating in the life of our meeting for at least six months and would like to become more involved, please talk to a teacher or any member of the Committee.

For the safety and well-being of all concerned, we hold the following expectations:

Responsibilities for Participating in the Program

Child's Responsibilities

Please help us provide you and the other children in the First Day School program a safe and nurturing environment and age-appropriate worship by accepting and fulfilling these responsibilities:

  • Participate constructively in the day's activity, or assist other children in participating
  • Follow instructions from the adult volunteers
  • Do not leave the care of the adult volunteers until you return to your parent or guardian
  • Treat the other children - your friends - with respect, as you would have them treat you

Parent's Responsibilities

Please help us to take good care of your child while you worship by attending to these needs:

  • Sign in your child when placing him/her in the care of the adult volunteer. [Elementary and younger]
  • Tell the adult volunteers if your child has a food allergy or other special need
  • Respect the other children and families by having your child at home when they are ill
  • Help your child get acclimated by letting them know the program structure and making sure the adult volunteers have had a chance to introduce themselves
  • Pick your child up promptly by xx:xx

Adult Volunteers' Responsibilities

The teaching team's responsibilities are to lead an activity and provide direct care to the children. Every effort is taken to ensure that at least two adults are present with the children throughout the program. Duties may include ( may differ dependant on age group being supervised - this is focussed on the youngest group):

  • Greeting each child / family, welcoming them verbally (at their eye level if possible), and helping the child transition into the program. It is the parent's responsibility to alert the adult volunteer to any special needs, food allergies etc. and tell the adult volunteer if they wish their child to participate in the group snack.
  • Leading the program activity. The First Day Committee is open to your ideas for activities consistent with or even complementary to the overall curriculum, and can provide suggestions and materials if requested. A suggested "formula" starts with a "centering" activity (sitting in a circle, singing a song, etc.), then an actively lead activity (a story, or a discussion for example), then a "response time" (arts & crafts), then a snack.
  • Providing special materials if needed for the activity. The Fist Day School keeps a stock of basic craft supplies including colored construction paper, colored markers, crayons and pencils, and glue, scissors, and tape. Any additional materials must be brought in for the activity. The First Day Committee will reimburse the adult volunteer for reasonable expenses.
  • Providing a snack for the activity. Crackers, graham crackers, fruits, vegetables, etc. are encouraged. The First Day Committee will reimburse for reasonable expenses.
  • Helping children go to the restroom if needed.
  • Ensure children are behaving in accordance with program group norms and expectations once the children are in his/her care. Help children with safety / personal space boundaries.
  • Ensure children are accounted for at all times until returned to their parents' or guardians' care. Parents or guardians should notify the adult volunteer if their child is permitted to leave the program unsupervised.
  • Notify Clerk of First Day Committee as soon as possible in advance if you need to reschedule.